I came to the gamejam with the idea of working with my coworker Joonas, who was going to do the art. I wanted to use this jam to put my Game Maker knowledge to a test, because I had been helping the kids and doing the tutorial with them previously but never really had to do a “real” project with it.

Rollerjam - Title screenAs soon as we saw the theme of the project was sport and the extra point was co-op, we had the same idea. Joonas had been talking me about wanting to do a game about roller derby for a while. Specially after seeing the movie Whip It. On Friday night I streamed the movie from Netflix and it was a great idea because I was instantly motivaded. I could easily foresee an Ultimate Team with the skater with their awesome looks.

After a couple of days of furiously coding in Game Maker (with some pause for coffee, food and helping some jammers with coding problems) this is the result. I am not 100% happy with the controls and some game stuff, but I have learned a lot about Game Maker by doing this jam game and putting my skills to the real test.

Download the game for Windows (10MB)

Rollerjam - Instructions splashRollerjam - Gameplay