Personal Work

GBA shmup

Small project I started on holidays back home. It’s a very simple shoot ’em up game with scrolling made using devkitPro and libgba. It has a small tool in Python to pack sprites and be able to use them directly from the cartridge. This was a real interesting project, where I was debugging old GBA games to learn how game “engines” work in the old times. All the source code is available in GitHub.

Global Game Jam 2018 – Transmission from Valhalla

For my third Global Game Jam, I repeated with my team of ex-Remedians at the Next Games site. We didn’t like the theme at all, so we relied on a diversifier to find something interesting. In this jam, instead of being a coder, I was helping in the art side, doing some pixel art graphics and taking care of the putting stuff into Unity. You can play the web build, read the postmortem or watch a video.

Global Game Jam 2017 – The Last Journey

I joined the Global Game Jam for the second time teaming with some friends. The theme wasn’t terribly exciting at the beginning, but we felt in love with a quite interesting approach and the idea of making something artsie. As usual, there is a postmortem and a web build available but this time there is also a video.

Ludum Dare 36 – Decypher

This time I wanted to improve my ideation process. I wasn’t super excited by the theme, but found a nifty idea about a decyphering game with some narrative where I learned I don’t know about script writing. Read the postmortem and, if you fancy, try the game (please, forgive me the cheesy writing).

Ludum Dare 35 – Crops of Carnage

I wanted to make a puzzle game for a while, so I ended up participating in the April 2016 Ludum Dare. You can play the game from your browser and read the project postmortem (which a little late).

Global Game Jam 2015 – Co-Rope

The Global Game Jam was one of my pending subjects. This year I took the chance to attend to the Helsinki gathering. I wrote a small postmortem about the experience.

Junior Game Jam 2014 – Rollerjam

I wanted to get back to jamming for a while, I started small taking part as a volunteer on the game development weekend. Besides helping kids with code problems, the idea was that we should do a game. I teamed with my co-worker Joonas Laakso to made a game about the most glamourous sport ever.

Ludum Dare 24 – Besugo

For my second LD I had been trying to improve my artistic skills. I failed evaluating the underwater theme, and I realized I was lacking some “tools” in order to expend more time on the game and less on the building blocks. I never managed to find time to build all the tech I wanted, and due to scheduling issues I didn’t jam for a while.

Ludum Dare 23 – Arnold Bros (est. 1905)

My first experience with a game jam. My main objective here was to finish the game and I think that it was a successful experience. You can read the postmortem in the official site.

Game Over

For three years I had a section in a small radio show in my home town and did frequent collaborations for their blog (in Spanish). During a time, we were featured on the spanish version of Eurogamer.