Gamelab 2016

I am back in Barcelona for my summer holidays, but before chilling out for a couple of weeks I attended the unofficially called “Barcelona videogame week”: Hello World, Gamelab and Indie Developer Burger Awards. This year, Unai has been organizing a small technical track and bringing Mike Acton to Barcelona.

Unai asked me if I could give a talk there. I haven’t been in Supercell long enough to be able to talk about my experience there, and I was quite busy last month, so I started taking it my previous UI talk and tried to structure it much clearer and remove some sidetracking. Also, as the focus of the talks was native and C++ development, I tried to give also the view of somebody who has written its UI library.

I gave this talk in English (due to the request of some of the attendants) so if the video becomes available at some point I will share it here.

Groking GUI de Nacho Lasheras